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This is how we met… (guest post for Leigh Kramer)

We had no idea what we were in store for….. In a complete change of pace for Reconciling Viewpoints, today I’m guest posting for Leigh Kramer as part of her “This Is How We Met” series. So, instead of chatting … Continue reading

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What are you waiting for? DO it!

2011: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…. 2012: It’s time to figure out which road I’m on. “Your mission, should you decide to accept it….” We’re all familiar with Robert Frost’s famous poem wherein he describes how he took the … Continue reading

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’tis the season… for Christmas music

Just read a post re: Christmas music over at Alise Write’s page, and it reminded me of a facebook note that I put together on my favorite Christmas albums a few years ago, before I was blogging.  The following post is … Continue reading

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Stunned by Beauty

I am completely blown away…. You ever see something so beautiful that it stops you in your tracks? You pause, do a double-take, look again to make sure that what you think you saw is truly as amazing as you thought at first … Continue reading

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Guest post for David Nilsen at “The Screaming Kettle at Home”

Today I have the opportunity to share my 2nd ever guest post with David Nilsen who blogs at “The Screaming Kettle at Home”.  David and his wife recently went through a church transition and he wrote an excellent blog series … Continue reading

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Success or Failure? That depends… whose opinion counts?

Some friends of mine are going through a rough transition, walking away from something they’ve poured their heart and soul into for a lot of years. Have you ever been through that? You catch hold of a dream – a calling … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Flaw and a Birthday Gift

We don’t make a real big deal of birthdays in our house.  So, when my wife asked what I wanted as mine approached last month, I kiddingly replied – “I don’t know… how about a Martin 12-string?” I wasn’t really … Continue reading

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Top 10 signs that it’s been too long since your last blog post

Alright, I’ve been playing hooky and haven’t posted anything on here for awhile.  It was not intentional or premeditated or anything… it just sort of happened.  I looked at my page today and realized I’ve only posted once this month, … Continue reading

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