This is how we met… (guest post for Leigh Kramer)

We had no idea what we were in store for…..

In a complete change of pace for Reconciling Viewpoints, today I’m guest posting for Leigh Kramer as part of her “This Is How We Met” series. So, instead of chatting about theological miscellany, I’m telling the story of how I met my wife Valerie… 26 years ago today, no less!


Springtime and stories of love seem to go hand in hand, but for those of us that are… umm, relationally challenged (i.e., shy), it doesn’t typically happen naturally. Thankfully, my school held a carnival (Mardi Gras) as a fundraiser each May, and fraternities and sororities would work together to host a variety of booths. It was through this “rite of spring” that I met my wife.

I readily admit that I’m a math geek, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that I was in a fraternity of engineering/physics/math majors. Think Big Bang Theory crossed with Animal House. (Scary, huh?) To read more, head on over to Leigh’s blog here.

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