Top 10 signs that it’s been too long since your last blog post

Alright, I’ve been playing hooky and haven’t posted anything on here for awhile.  It was not intentional or premeditated or anything… it just sort of happened.  I looked at my page today and realized I’ve only posted once this month, twice in the last 31 days.  For someone that wants to blog regularly, that’s really pretty pathetic! 

I need to stop procrastinating, get “back in the saddle” and write something, but where to start?  How about a David Letterman style Top 10 list?

Here are the Top 10 signs that it’s been too long since your last blog post:

#10.  You feel guilty when you’re having fun on the weekend… (its almost like being back in college and blowing off studying again!)   

#9.  You’ve read more posts on “how to kill your blog” in the last month than you’ve written posts yourself.

#8.  You search on Google for the internet equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”.

#7.  If your heart monitor looked like your blog’s stats page, you’d be on your death bed.

#6.  You’re receiving more “likes” on your comments than hits on your blog.

#5.  You tell someone you haven’t blogged lately because “the internet wasn’t working”.

#4.  You forgot your WordPress login!

#3.  You confess that the excuse in #5 is what you found when you did the search in #8.

#2.  You look at your blog page, see the date on the most recent post and say, “man, doesn’t that guy ever post anything new?”   Then you realize that you’re gossiping to yourself about yourself.  

And, the #1 sign that it’s been too long since your last blog post…..



  (I’m drawing as big of a blank on the #1 “sign that it’s been too long” as I’ve been drawing on blog ideas.)


Oh well.  In baseball, when a hitter slumps during this particular part of the year, they call it a June swoon.  What do you do about it?  As a batter, you just get back in the box and keep taking your swings, and eventually you’ll snap out of it… assuming you actually can hit.

Guess it’s time for me to take the bat off my shoulders and start swinging again…..

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10 Responses to Top 10 signs that it’s been too long since your last blog post

  1. Mary Pat says:

    Maybe #1 is: You’ve been spending time IRL instead…

    • Ha! Yeah, the IRL has been pretty busy, with a graduation, birthdays, visiting family, etc. The other side of it is the need to find paying “gigs” and not focusing too much time on the fun stuff. I need to rebalance and prioritize, stay on task. You’ve never noticed that I’m not the best at staying on task, have you? 😉

      Thanks for reading. I’m still hoping that you start writing again….

  2. I’ve had a blog in some form since 2003 and I’ve always struggled with consistency. It’s only since last year that I decided to do it. That’s it. I just decided. Blogging went from being a hobby to a commitment. Even if I didn’t have anything good, I posted at least once a week.

    Once I got the discipline to be consistent I was able to get it to where I post 3x a week now. I’m actually almost a week ahead on posts now!

    But for me it took the decision to go from a hobby to a commitment.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Tony.

      I’m notoriously slow at making changes and committing to something new. But that’s partly because once I start, I have a hard time quitting and pulling back out. With the blog, I’ve got a main topic that I’ve been stalling on getting into, and I need to just make that commitment and do it.

  3. I am guilty of breaking almost all of the blogging rules I have found. My (apparent) inconsistency to blog is a lack of time- period. I am brand new to blogging- and I’m actually even brand new to writing, so even a shorter post sometimes takes me a few days to finish. When I sit down to write, I literally think I must be crazy to think anyone might actually read what little old me has to say, but I am SO thankful for those who do! It’s so encouraging. 🙂 I started a blog in February to answer a *burning* call to begin to tell my story. I’m sure I qualify as a “hobby” blogger. Lately, I’ve kind of been frustrated with that term. It’s a tad insulting to tell someone their blog is a “hobby” when they bleed for what they write. I guess I will just keep doing my thing~ yet another upside down thing about me! LOL! I really did enjoy this Top 10 list, and I can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into your blog topic. I’ll be following it for sure! Thanks for sharing! Swing away, my friend! 🙂

    • Thanks, Shanda! For reading, for commenting, for encouraging, for praying… for sharing your story when you have time, etc.

      If it wasn’t for having that main blog topic that I want to get to, I’d definitely just be a hobby blogger, if I was blogging at all. Though I’ve definitely enjoyed the high school sports discussion groups too, so i guess I do sort of have the “writing bug”.

      I wrote the draft of my first post on the main topic tonight. To give you an idea where it’s going, it’s in the same discussion vein as Rob Bell’s book and the various responses to it (ie, pertaining to God’s judgment), but my “theory” on how it works is pretty different than most I’ve heard. Which is why I feel compelled to write about it…..

      Thanks again for your encouragement! Have a great Tuesday (you oughta be asleep by now, being in eastern time zone!)

  4. Scott Fields says:

    #1: Your followers file a missing persons report. . . .

    This is me all over, Dan. I’ve been far behind my original aspirations for my blogging schedule pretty much since the first month of my blog. I like seeing someone else who’s got gaps in their “Posted” dates as well, and isn’t afraid to confess to his readers that things aren’t exactly as he’d once hoped.

    We just connected on Twitter somehow (you followed me–I’d be interested to know how you found me, especially since it seems I’ve been spending less time there than on my blog recently. . . !). I’m glad you gave me a nudge. I like your blog here, and I’m curious about the book idea you mentioned in a tweet to someone a day or two ago (it was the Bell reference that caught my eye). Feel free to drop by my own neglected blog anytime. 😉

    • “Your followers file a missing persons report….” Nice! I like it!

      I saw you on twitter because of someone else that we both follow, but I couldn’t tell you who without looking it up. I clicked on your blog, and when I saw CS Lewis quotes, I figured you were worth following.

      I’ve been working on my next post (which will be related to that book reference) for the last few days. Probably rewritten it 4 times now…. Even if we don’t agree with Rob Bell on all counts, we’re getting a lot of discussion that I think is valuable.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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