Stephen Hawking is…. a fool?

I wrote this note and posted it to Facebook last year before I was blogging — it was a response to Stephen Hawking’s book and quotes that said things such as “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”   Stephen’s latest quote was that heaven is a “fairy tale” for those of us that are “afraid of the dark.”   I’ll write a post that responds to that shortly, but for now, I’m reposting this one: “Stephen Hawking is an idiot…  or maybe just a fool?”:


So, physicist Stephen Hawking is supposed to be one of the most brilliant minds in the world? If so, he’s just proved that no matter how smart we are, we can still be completely stupid.  Check out his bottom-line conclusions about God and the universe from “The Grand Design”, his latest book:

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, the reason the universe exists, the reason we exist.”

Have you ever met someone that was full of themselves, thought they knew everything, and when someone disagreed, they would say “well, you’re just not smart enough to understand”?  World, meet Stephen Hawking!  I may not be smart enough to understand how relativity, quantam mechanics and gravity do or do not work together to form a “complete theory”, but I am smart enough to recognize a pile of doo doo before I step in it!

Spontaneous creation is basically a contradiction in terms.  While spontaneous actions occur with no real planning, the word “create” implies an act of will to design, to modify, to arrange something.  How can nothing “spontaneously create” something?  Even Hawking’s partial sentence “the universe can and will create itself” implies a paradox: how can something that doesn’t exist “do” anything, much less “create” a universe?  Hawking isn’t using a “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” argument: he’s saying there was no chicken or egg, until the chicken and egg created each other.   

Sorry, Stephen, but you’re an idiot if you really believe that the universe could have created itself out of nothing. That’s about as asinine as saying that DNA created itself at random out of a pool of goo….  Oh wait! People believe that too!   

My bottom line:  the fool says in his heart there is no God.  I understand that many people have “social arguments” for not believing in God — the church and/or other religions have done wrong, religious folk sometimes hurt innocent people, etc., so I “get” why some don’t believe in religion and want to deny God.  But if you boil it down to the question of “where did this all come from?”, the view that the universe, the world, and all living things just randomly popped into existence without some sort of creative “force” or “intelligence” (i.e., God!) driving or designing it doesn’t make any sense.  Sorry, Stephen — your pride and refusal to accept that there might be a being out there that’s more intelligent than you has blinded you, and you have no idea that your “spontaneous creation” theory is about as solid as a nebula, and definitely not worth observing from near or afar.  You may be a brilliant physicist, but you’re also a fool.

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2 Responses to Stephen Hawking is…. a fool?

  1. Just shows us, once again, the cavernous gap between intelligence and wisdom.

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